This is AgentHQ

It's for making AI agents in your browser.

Here's the logo:

I don't know what it means. Maybe like a layer cake. Or a battery?

Anyway here's where you sign up.

Suppose you are a human, and you want to make an AI agent that will do things for you. How would you go about it? Secret space agent man and woman Hey ai space agent. 'sup? Well, you can stop supposing. You are a human, and AgentHQ is how.

I built it as a UI over LangChain and GPTIndex, two open source libraries for building and composing useful LLM tools.

Agents use an LLM to choose from a set of tools to try to respond to your input. There are several types of agents, each with different strategies.

With AgentHQ, you can create an agent that can do things like:

- Have a conversation with you
- Tell you the weather in other parts of the world
- Write an email to your boss (why?)


Tools are what make humans humans, and cats ... not. A cat using a tool But i aammmmm humannnnn!

In AgentHQ - you can choose from built-in tools (Weather API, News, Search, Wolfram Alpha, etc.) or just build your own tool logic with simple code (🐍 mmmm python).


All LLMs are trained on huge (usually public) datasets. But guess what? Your data might not be public! The LLM probably doesn't know about you! A melancholic teenager leave me alone i'm listening to the smiths.

Nobody really knows about you. Not really. But more importantly, the agent doesn't know about any of your specific data.

So we make it easy for you to just tell it the name of the movie you want to see, with Document Indexes.

You can create an index from a bunch of sources (a list of Web URLS, an RSS feed, uploaded files, whatever).

Then, your agent can use one or more indexes (indices?) to answer your questions more accurately.


Wait are we still talking? I'm getting tired. You should just go sign up and ask questions later.

Ok fine so Composability means your agents can use multiple tools, multiple indexes, and even other agents! A cat using a tool it's turtles all the way down

Plus, you can drive your agents and indexes via a simple REST API, so you can build them into your own apps.

What else?

We have a Discord where you can sit and chat about your life, or ask specific technical questions related to AgentHQ, whichever sounds more fun.

There are some help docs that are, frankly, embarassingly bad. But they're there. Or you can chat with our helpbot (yes, he's built on AgentHQ).

We have a Twitter over here by the name of @AiAgentHQ, which we hope you'll follow.

You can sign up for email updates like this.

Nothing else!